Meet Joshua…

FamilyJoshua Ownbey and his wife-Jennifer were raised in Crowell, Texas. Joshua grew up with a family background in farming and ranching. He is the son of Danny Ownbey and the late Kathy Ownbey of Crowell, Texas and has one brother: Heath Ownbey of Crowell, Texas. From the time Joshua was born he was exposed to the life of a cowboy in that his dad ran his own pre-conditioning yard from the 1990’s to the present. Growing up just 12 miles from Adolph Bayer’s shop and watching his dad build in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Joshua was exposed to the history, fundamentals and visual design that comprise bit and spur making. During his formative years, Joshua did not know that this early experience would become an important part of his life. Joshua spent most of his high school years calf roping. Joshua graduated from Crowell High School in 2001. After graduation Joshua helped his dad with the pre-conditioning yard and day-worked for a living. Joshua also participated in RHAA Horse Shows from 2005-2009 and in Ranch Rodeo competitions from 2004-2011. Joshua’s lifestyle has given him the knowledge to determine the effectiveness that a bit has on a horse and the impact that a good spur has on a cowboy. Joshua still loves to cowboy on occasion and still retains a passion for roping.

In 2007 Joshua moved to Canyon, Texas where he waited for his Fiancé (at the time), Jennifer, to graduate from West Texas A&M University. In February 2009, just two days before he was about to marry his high school sweetheart, Joshua was in his father’s shop going through his pattern box, and it was then that Joshua came to the conclusion that he would pick up where his father left off. Immediately, Joshua’s father passed down his equipment to his son. After Joshua and Jennifer got married in 2009, they decided to start their life and business in Canyon, Texas. With thanks and praises to the good Lord, in 2012 Joshua and Jennifer were fortunate enough to be able to have Jennifer stay home and run the business end of Joshua Ownbey Custom Orders.

Joshua’s style was inspired by Peewee Peebles who taught Joshua how to engrave and refine his design. Peewee Pebbles also educated Joshua on the blacksmithing techniques of a one piece spur which Joshua still applies daily. Joshua also credits Jerry Cates and Terry Alward who have both helped guide his work. In 2011 Joshua attended Weyerts School of Engraving where he successfully completed an advanced engraving class. Joshua prefers to “stay in the fire”, as they call it, as much as he can by forging out all of his stock.

With a promising career ahead, Joshua strives to maintain the loyalty of his customers by producing functional equipment for them. Joshua seeks daily to continue improving the craftsmanship involved in building his products so that he is able to meet his customers’ needs and desires. Joshua and Jennifer promote their products at various Trade Shows throughout the year. They are so incredibly thankful for the support from their clients, because without those valued clients, they would not have been able to embark on this journey.