Every man knows how important a bit’s function is; it’s each to their own. I like to put a twist on cowboy gear by detailing it with unique designs. All ports are hand forged from various sizes of round rod. Each bit shank is cut from a piece of 4140 sheet metal and hand filed with a round smooth surface and polished out to a mirror finish. With a wide variety of engraving choices to choose from (name, initial, rancher’s brand, decorative scroll, or just entwined/filigree floral pattern), each bit is hand engraved and adorned with delicately crafted sterling silver and customized to your own preference. I do not keep any floral and/or scroll patterns. They are all free handed making each piece visually carry out your own unique message. Each bit is stamped with my JO logo along with a consecutive running number. All bits are completed with various forms of finishes from black/blue to French grey.